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Never been to Kensington? Never even been to church?
No Problem.
You’re here because you’re looking for answers, and that means we already 
like you.

Current Series

Learning to Fly

What words still sting you? What was taken from you wrongfully? What hurt still haunts you? We carry around baggage that weighs us down and steals our joy. When we release this weight, we’ll feel lighter. Join us for this two-week series as we discover how to find this freedom – it may just feel like flying!


Wherever you are, we're happy to have you

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Coffee and Donuts

It’s free, so grab a cup and a donut before you sit down. We believe that God is generous and we want to reflect that in all things.

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Loud Music

This is not your grandma’s church. But you should bring her anyway. Music brings us all together and closer to God – so we can turn it up to 11.


Something Unexpected

We present biblical truths and show how they apply to our everyday lives. And we have a lot of fun while doing it.


Service times and location

Windermere Prep

Services are 9:30am & 11am at
Windermere Prep

6189 Winter Garden Vineland Rd
Windermere, FL

9:30am | 11am

Click here for directions.


Getting involved at Kensington is easy


On June 27th, we will be cooking and serving dinner to guests at the 2018 Lift Disability Network Breakaway Camp. Join us as we come together to support and serve this amazing community and organization. 

Join us in KKids this summer to pour the love of Jesus into the next generation! You don’t have to be a kid-expert or a Bible-expert, all you need is a heart to serve our youngest Kensington attendees. Volunteer with any age group, from birth-5th grade, two or more times between June and Labor Day. With the start of summer, routines often shift, creating a gap – a space for something new. Stand in the gap with us!

DIG-A Kensington Men’s Bible Study group meets every first Wednesday of the month at Village Inn in Winter Garden from 6:30-8am. RSVP to or just show up-all men are encouraged to attend!

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