Many of the people who attend Kensington are people who are at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Maybe we’re still asking questions – like who God is… who Jesus is… what value does the Bible have, how can I pray? These are the big questions that are at the heart of what it means to have a relationship with God.

RSVP to Attend Alpha

We have a program that is designed exactly for people like you – it’s called Alpha. It’s a 9-week introduction to the Christian faith with friends. This isn’t something that Kensington cooked up, in fact, it’s likely that over a million people will take part in the Alpha Course around the world this winter.

You don’t have to come for the whole series — just check out the video to your left for the first session and see what you think. No pressure. 

Our first session for our Winter/Spring series will be March 18th at 7pm at the 2.4.6 (1009 S Dillard St, Winter Garden, 34787).