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Man Up! Mens Ministry

In our society, being a man can be confusing.  There are a number of definitions according to the world’s standards.  But to God a real man is one who rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, engages with God, and leads courageously. Man Up exists to help men become Godly men through an environment of fun, relationships, teaching, and encouragement.  As husbands, fathers, friends, brothers, and spiritual leaders Man Up is geared toward equipping all men with the tools and relationships necessary to be the man that God designed them to be. 


ManUP hosts several events to gather together. Be sure to check out all of events listed below and invite some friends to join you at one or more or all! 


ManUP! Events July-August

Sports Event: Pickle Ball

Have you played Pickle Ball yet? No matter if you answered yes or no, join us on Friday, July 24th at Veterans Park in Winter Garden from 7-9pm. 

Social Event:
Poker and Euchre TournamentS

Join us at the 2.4.6 (1009 S Dillard St) on July 25th from 1-4pm for a Poker and Euchre Tournament! 


"Dig Into God's Word" Men's Large Group

DIG-A Kensington Men’s Bible Study group is a large group teaching and small group discussion.  Register below or just show up! All Kensington men are invited and encouraged to bring a friend. We meet every first Wednesday morning from 6:30-7:30am at the 2.4.6 (1009 S Dillard St).

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Social Event: ManUp! Bowling

Meet us at Winter Garden Bowling from 2-4pm on August 8th for a fun afternoon of bowling together! 

Men's Breakfast and "The Future of Men's Ministry"

We want to serve you breakfast and get your input on the future of our ManUp ministry. We want to make plans, fellowship and enjoy a meal together. Join us on September 29th at our ministry facility, the 2.4.6 (1009 S Dillard St) from 9:30-Noon.